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Here's fan media I've created!

I've been following Blaseball for a long time and I'm a creative type bear so I've been happy to flex my expressive muscles with my team, whether it be lore jams or different arts.

Season 1

I created my Blaseball account on the 22nd of July 2020. If I had to guess I'd consider it likely that somebody over at Waypoint retweeted the Game Band's release announcement. But honestly I checked out the site, made an account, voted "heheh forbidden book" with my freebie and called it quits. I saw there was a Discord but I was pretty resistant to joining. I chose to be a fan of the Yellowstone Magic because they were the team that was closest ideologically to bears. I considered a Texas team but neither are really my vibe.

Season 2

When season 2 started, I joined the Discord I had originally forsaken. I needed to talk to people about the hellmouth opening. The Discord was so much smaller then. I muted a few channels, but was able to keep up on general and lore pretty easily. Chat was slow and we didn't have watch party, so some of my earliest messages are "wow check out that triple!" I kinda messed around with voting but didn't keep it consistent by any means. I was really expecting our team to do well considering we were first seed for season 1. That didn't happen. We also continued a streak of not being blessed because as far as I know, the blessing we were supposed to receive at the end of season 1 was bugged and didn't happen. I was pretty active with fanart and lore in this season. It was hard not to be, the barrier to entry was "lol wouldn't it be funny if famous was on the team because of nepotism" Inky was a slam dunk, I love Inky's arc after "squid play baseball" the blagonball :)) Washer was a pretty easy jump of logic for us, I think I contributed "you gotta throw a hat in there, you need a hat to play blaseball" RIV to Sosa and Famous, two real ones. Though obviously Hex and Cory have deep holds on my heart.

Inky Rutledge Rookie Card :000


My first ever Blaseball fan art! I love the subtle motion of the ball and I'm glad squid Inky has been such a hit, even leading us to Binky my beloved!

A faded baseball card depicts a Minecraft squid in a wizard hat. A baseball floats tantalizingly nearby.

Wizard Hat with Brim


Funnily enough I invert this joke about a year and a half later. Made in Blender3D over the course of minutes.

A 3D render of a red and yellow bespeckled wizard hat with a baseball cap brim. A star adorns the tip.



I forget the context lol

An Anjanath throws its arms menacingly, fortunately it holds a baseball

Bevan Wise Tarot Card


Tarot sized blaseball cards for magic players was an easy pull. It's super funny for me to think about a foil wrapped pack of cards that's clearly larger than all the others because it has magic cards in it. Then my headcanon for Bevan Wise as an older black woman combined with my love of emoji combined to form the Bevan Wise Tarot Card.

A tarot style card depicting a black woman in red robes holding a staff. Trees and plants adorn the borders. It says, "IV - The Wise"

Season 3 - 7

I took a mini siesta from Blaseball around this time. It wasn't five seasons long but I can't find any contributions I made to the culture at this time. I was kinda turned off by the peanut showing up and talking about peanut fraud like a disappointed teacher. That and the mini siesta after season 3 likely lead to my mild disappearance. I recall the team chat being busy one day, so I muted it and kind of forgot about it. I have ADHD lol. A few.... weeks? Later I got a ping from FruitCrumble aka CritFumble who is by extension the only reason Blaseball has had such a big impact on my life. I was able to get back into it, start following again. I'm not sure if it was Season 2 or Season 3 that the keeps came into Magic chat and told us to pick some mods. I did not volunteer. I have no interest in community management, a position I still hold. Who did we vote in then? I'm just going to start rattling off archrangers I remember. Liv Mac Phas Rare Jim Penny Gracie Moz Aya Dino

Season 8

Park Ranger


The National Park Service posted a great macroable image.

An instagram post from yellowstonenps, a park ranger holds a binder. "Hot Egg We Would Like to See It"

Season 9

Fishing Net Propaganda


We really wanted to get fishing net. Ironically this propaganda is apropos for neocites.

Fish gifs cover an ancient Yahoo home page. "Dad got on the internet to say give the Magic a net"

We really wanted the fishing net.



We really wanted the fishing net. This got poorly changed into red wizard robes at some point, but I can't find that version.

The wizard from Glover is giving you a thumbs up "Wyatt Glover's dad wants a fishing net, let the Glovers fish"

Assa Beeb


Yellowstone's slogan of "as above so below" got cursed into "assa beeb abba soos" at some point. This is the foregone conclusion of that.

assabeeb.png (375551 bytes)

Season 10

Bonk Jokes Lorejam


I'm very happy where we eneded up with Bonk, but my initial suggestion was a Jack in the Box wielding a bat.

a jack in the box labelled bonk and jokes, instead of a clown there is a baseball bat

Season 11

This is the last season before the Grand Siesta. We knew it was coming and I recall being pretty resistant to the idea of a side server. I was wrong. Any sort of intellectual attraction I have to an epistolary communication method is overshadowed dramatically by my desire to shitpost. I think we had a really good time in the side server. I posted bears over 1000 times. I'm glad we went back to maincord afterwards though.

SSPP - Super Secret Positivity Project


The original PSP was Phas' secret plan, which as I recall was attempts to sponsor a season of blaseball before TGB said they didn't feel comfortable about a team doing that. Fair enough. I believe Aya organized this project to send the archrangers a little something something for their good work.

psppsd.png (10539928 bytes)

Everbody's Moz


Don't remember why this happened, but everybody became Moz. This is a personal throwback because I remember when I identified as cis and used picrew profile pictures. Classic.

mozSanta.png (216178 bytes)

Minecraft Server


I ran a fairly active Minecraft 1.16 server for the Grand Siesta crew. It's actually the first place I had contact with my now girlfriend, so that's fun. I should put the archive up somewhere, for posterity.

minecraftNews.png (1865 bytes)



Don't remember the context for this, I'm glad that the background kind've matches this neocities one.

stamp.png (1332121 bytes)



Ringing in new year strong, we grinked Bitter who typoed Burger. Bitter lives in a bathtub full of blood so here's a blood burger tub situation.

bitterburger.png (258307 bytes)

Drawpile 1


A shared canvas that kept getting turned yellow. Big fan of everything going on here.

49199e2421.png (2244910 bytes)

Grand Siesta

Bonk Joke


I took hatfights' very good art style and ruined it with this joke. Bonk signs, mostly.

A skeleton, Bonk Jokes, sits at a computer. The computer screen says "Make your bones bigger and last longer click here" A wizard peeking up from behind the screen signs to Bonk, "Don't press that"

Season 12

Art Switcharound


A sketching, inking, coloring passalong that I did with the help of Crash and Aya.

Jazz Cup Cory Twelve, Washer Barajas pointing like Babe Ruth, and a very cool Annie Roland

Too Many Birds


When both pitchers have friend of crows

A news report outside a stadium. Too many crows to see the game. What are you gonna do? says fan

Drawpile 2


Now the yellow background's just something we have to do. I believe this is the one where we started drawing Pokemon from memory.

0c0fcf8331.png (2986218 bytes)

Jaylen's Visit


We very briefly entertained Jaylen Hotdogfingers of Blaseball fame.

A wizard looks questioningly on at bright red hands "Hot dogs for fingers you say? A transmutation accident?"

Oscar Dollie Gurgie


Somebody took a sip of our goat!

A forehead eyed goat stares you in the eyes. You are looking down the barrel of a straw sucking directly from its forehead eye.



Aya became an archranger and we were enjoying Carl after Mee6's retirement. I think that swadloon is from an illustration I did that I will need to dredge up.

 psp2.png (13212540 bytes)

Jim and Moz Retire as Archrangers


I did apologize to Moz for his apparent death in this image. I had to do an ascension thing because Jim went Down.

jimmoz.png (4820017 bytes)

King Weatherman


I can't claim that this was actually my doing, but I saw a swap Cory for Weatherman heckpost in Magic chat and the idea was hilarious to me. I dropped all my saved up votes on it and then wimdy stole our hearts. Second image is Chorby Short giving the newly recruited Weatherman some friendly ribbing.

A screenshot of the election result swapping Cory fro Weatherman

Weatherman's entire body is covered by a uniform wizard hat. Chorby Short is a small frog wearing a small uniform hat, saying "It's the only size uniform hat they make, I'm sorry King."

Season 13

Sutton Picklestein


An OG player entering the hall of shadows. Bittersweet for sure.

Famous Oconnor, Sosa Elftower, Annie Roland, and Richardson Turqoise greet Sutton warmly as he enters the hall of flame.

More Archrangers


Silvaria, Bitter, and Hascow came on board. I feel bad for just using Silvaria's profile picture but I didn't know them super well.

psp3.png (16311218 bytes)

Kurt Crueller Lore Jam


I liked the idea of fisher Kurt whipping balls out of the air with a fishing rod.

A faceless blaseball hero extends forth dramatically, whipping a ball out of the air with a fishing rod hook.

Sutton's Hat


Somewhere, the energy of Picklestein is felt. His hat levitates a few inches off its place on the mantle.

A levitating hat

Sutton Picklestein (2)


Sutton was necromancied and immediately went back to the hall. Iconic.

The same hall of flame pic as earlier, but rather than welcoming arms, Famous' arms are raised in exasperation saying "Y'all how did sutton get over there?" Sutton is in the flowers corner of the hall

Season 14

Tiana Wheeler Lore Jam


The opposite of nominative determinism

A very buff boat labelled Tiana Wheeler points menacingly

No Gods No Kings Weatherman


Old Man Logan Rodriguez having a back tattoo is very good.

A man's back is tattooed with "No Gods No Kings Weatherman" A tattoo gun is poorly adding "Yes" between King and Weatherman. The caption says, "It was jsut causing tension in the locker room, you know?"

Cursed Barl


We are all love Carl. Well, we love Mee6 more but he's in the shadows now. Regardless, Carl didn't deserve to be turned into a Barl.

A bear colored emoji turtle with a bear face

Sports Game


What blaseball might look like as an early video game. Refined later.

An over the shoulder pitching game with UI

Blaseball the Pico8 Game


Not functional, but I did draw this in Pico8

Midway between an Atari and NES style, depicts a video game interface of an anxious pitching machine going against Chorby Short's infamous "Foul Ball 0-2"

Feral Ranger Warning


Magic Discord fans are rangers. This sign warns you of chat ferality, what we call an active chat.

A nature warning sign with the depiction of a bear "Feral Warning" "All rangers are dangerous. Stay in your vehicle if rangers are encountered." The message repeats in French



Dippity Doop does this incredible series of Blaseball arts and I had to comission one of my parkparksona, a bear that fixes the printers.Requested background color was the purple of the sunset. It was weird when I found out Dippity was at my alma mater at the same time as me.

bears-1.png (3817452 bytes)

Season 15

Spectral Chorb


Redacted Chorby would give horrible ghostly batting advice.

Chorby appears as a force ghost, recommending the Magic player swing at a ball that is clearly outside of the strike zone.



Chorby! Where did she go!? Redacted ?!

A frog emoji poorly overlays the "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" CD cover. Chorby Short in wordart font covers the name of Carmen.

Collage Bonk


That Magic the Gathering card with the cool collage art had just dropped so I had collages on the mind. I also like the look of old school anatomical drawings, so I composed a Bonk Jokes at the X Games. (he hit the grind rail a lot that season)

A skeleton made of mismatched parts does a sweet flip on a skateboard grind rail

Season 18

Math Bear


Without looking it up I'm choosing to believe this was in reaction to fractional runs from fractional suns.

A confused looking bear has math floating in front of its face

Season 24

Propaganda for Magic to journey into the Horizon


Something we say in Magic is "vote with your heart" so I did. And dropped like 30k votes on Horizon in one action, meaning our path towards the desert was hindered for about an hour.

A retro style travel poster, "Yellowstone Horizon" "Enter the Wild Blue Yonder" over a hill and shining sparkle.

Mini Blaseball Break

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